Terms and Conditions



We confirm bookings upon receipt of a 50% deposit payment. (In certain circumstances, if your event involves a lot of travel, we need to book accommodation and / or buy a murder mystery game commercial license, then our initial costs may be more than 50% of the invoice total. In this case we may ask for a bigger deposit fee).

You are welcome to pay the invoice amount in total as a deposit if you wish.

Murder Mystery Games require a weeks notice (preferably two) as there is a lot for us to prepare.

Please use your invoice number as a reference number on your payment. Failure to do this may result in delays and disappointment. Payment of a deposit confirms your acceptance of Magic and Mayhem’s terms and conditions.

Please note that once we have invoiced you we ask our performers to hold the date for you for 2 working days only. If you do not pay your deposit within 2 working days after invoicing we cannot promise you that our performers will still be available.





We charge a cancellation fee should the client choose to cancel or change all or part of the booking, for any reason whatsoever, after we have confirmed the booking. This includes changing the date of the event, or changing the entertainment booked.

This is because once we commit to your event, our performers start turning away all other work for that time slot. Once you have paid us a deposit we commit 100% to your event and we expect the same from you.

PLEASE NOTE THAT CANCELLATIONS DUE TO COVID-19 WILL BE TREATED AS A NORMAL CANCELLATION. If you cancel due to the need to isolate / quarantine your family or guests or we move back to a higher level of lockdown, we will expect our normal cancellation fees to be paid. In the event that our performers need to cancel due to the need to isolate / quarantine, then we will refund your deposit in full (minus any money that has already been spent on materials / accommodation etc that cannot be refunded).

In the case of a postponement or change of date the client will be liable for a cancellation fee for the date originally booked, and then will need to make a new booking with a new deposit payment for the new date. Any costs already incurred that can be used for the new date (ie a commercial licensing fee for a murder mystery game) will be taken off the price for the new date.

The cancellation fee will be equal to the deposit payment require to confirm the booking. This would normally be 50% of the invoice total but in certain cases where our initial costs are more than 50% of the invoice we may have asked for a bigger deposit, which would be the amount we would keep as a cancellation fee. If you had paid a 100% deposit we will refund the balance that was paid on top of the required deposit.

There are no sick days in our industry. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the show goes on. However, should our performer get so sick that they absolutely cannot make it to your event, their car bursts into flames on the way to the gig or anything else keeps us from performing as booked, we will do everything in our power to replace the artist. (This may require a change in price). Failing that, we will refund your deposit in full for any entertainment that did not happen (minus any money already spent on materials / accommodation etc that cannot be refunded).

Force Majeure

In the event of a Force Majeure event (an unforeseen event, outside of the control of both parties, an ‘Act of God’) which makes it impossible and / or dangerous for the booking to go ahead as planned, and the booking needs to be cancelled or postponed, then a different set of cancellation fees applies. (COVID-19 is no longer a Force Majeure event, as both parties are aware of its existence.)

Force Majeure events include, but are not limited to:

  • War
  • Strike, Lockouts, Social Unrest, Riot
  • Pandemic, Disease, Epidemic, Quarantines
  • Hurricane, Flood, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Fire
  • Shortage of, or interruption of supply of electricity, fuel, or other materials
  • Road closure or lack of access to roads

In the case of a Force Majeure event we will split the loss with the client. So the cancellation fee will be reduced to half of the normal cancellation fee (after deducting any amounts that have already been spent on accommodation, commercial license fees etc that cannot be refunded). This includes postponements or date changes due to Force Majeure.

Interest on Late Payments

We expect the balance of invoices to be paid within 7 days after the event, and any cancellation fees outstanding to be paid within 7 days from cancellation. If this is not possible for you, please let us know BEFORE invoicing so we can come to an arrangement.

Should this payment not be received within 30 days from the event date or cancellation date, we shall charge incidental interest of 2% per calendar month starting 30 days from the event date or cancellation date, as per the National Credit Act, and we may hand over the balance to a debt collector with no further notice to the client.


We do expect some delays with big events. We plan for this and we try to be flexible. However we do eventually have to draw a line somewhere. Your event may not be the only event that our performers are working at that day. If your event is running more than half an hour late we may end up cancelling some entertainment if we have to. If this happens we expect a 100% cancellation fee for the artists cancelled. If you think your function may run late, please let us know so we can allow for some flexibility in our quoting. Otherwise we will assume you have booked us for the time on our invoice and if you run late, it’s your problem.

Cash is King

We normally only accept payments by cash or EFT. Please don’t pay us by credit card or cheque without talking to us first. If necessary we can create a product on an online store for you to pay with your credit card, but this will be by prior arrangement only.


For outdoor functions: In the event of adverse weather conditions it is the client’s responsibility to provide a suitable alternative venue. If a suitable alternative venue is not provided then the fee will remain payable in full.

Third Parties

Clients who are booking on behalf of a third party (agents, event managers etc) will be responsible for ensuring that the terms and conditions stated here have been passed on to their own clients.


The client shall indemnify and shall not hold Magic And Mayhem (Pty) Ltd responsible for any claim, liability, loss, damage, cost, expense, award, fine or judgement arising by reason of bodily injury to persons, injury to property arising by reason of alleged or actual negligent act, regardless of whether such act is active or passive, arising out of the use of Magic And Mayhem (Pty) Ltd’s products and services.